The kids of the “Me” generation are getting blamed for a lot of incidents in which they are just a mere portion to; specifically, with DWIs. Most people think that people aged 16-24 are the main contributors to accidents that occur due to drunk driving.DWI

However, statistic of 2012 show that that age range was only responsible for 28% of the intoxicated accidents occurred throughout the year. That still leaves 72% of the remaining population that caused the other drunken driving accidents.

So really, in proportion to the amount of people who are between the ages 16-24, they only responsible for their portion. The other 72% of the residents/drivers would be an accurate representation of the people over the age of 24 who is currently driving.

So why all the heat and blame on the younger generation? It is not just because they are intoxicated while driving, but most of the accidents they cause are for other reasons.

Specifically, teens and young adults are involved in these accidents, even with lower BAC levels, because the tend to be: relatively inexperienced drivers; they are more inexperienced consumers of alcohol; statistically proven, they are more likely to use illegal drugs in conjunction with alcohol; and according to some psychologists state they seems to have a ” false sense of immortality and over-confidence.”

However, this does not mean that they do not deserve the same defense that older driver’s obtain when charged with a DWI.

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