In the ongoing trial in Onslow County involving a man charged with murder in connection with a DWI accident two witnesses have testified so far. A paramedic and the defendant’s brother have testified on behalf of the State. The paramedic took the stand before the brother of the defendant. The paramedic testified that while he was taking the defendant’s fiancé she repeatedly said that the defendant was driving the vehicle when it crashed. The defendant’s fiancé was a passenger in the vehicle when it crashed.

The defendant’s brother took the stand after the paramedic. The brother testified that the defendant had been drinking since around noon that day. He further testified that the defendant and he went to a bar later in the afternoon with others. He stated that the defendant was drinking for around six to seven hours while at the bar. Just before the crash all the passengers in the vehicle were telling the defendant to slow down according to the brother.

The State is expected to call a state trooper who responded to the scene of the accident as their next witness.

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