If you are worried about a DWI, you need to try to stay calm.  Staying calm helps you make better decisions about how to handle your case.  There is no point in worrying.  What is done, is done.  At this point, all you can do is plan for the future. Your life in not over just because you got a DWI.  People from all walks of life get charged with DWIs: we have represented doctors, lawyers, sales personnel, mechanics, and airline pilots, to name a few.  Everyone who drinks alcohol is susceptible to getting a DWI.  Most of these folks think of themselves as “good people.”  Some people were not guilty of the offense of DWI, but got charged because of circumstances like lack of sleep, a medical condition that mimicked impairment, or some other reason.  Others are people who made a mistake or an error in judgment, and they don’t feel like they should be thought of as criminals because of it.

One major concern of many people when it comes to DWI is their employment.  They are fearful that their employer will learn of the DWI and they will lose their job.  Further, they are afraid that a DWI charge on their record will prevent them from getting  job.  This may be true if part of their job involves driving, but for most people, most employers are rather understanding of an ongoing DWI charge that their employee is trying to resolve.  Most of the time, an employer does not even learn of a pending charge unless you tell them.

When you have a DWI, you should leave the worrying to the professionals.  We would be glad to help you with your case.  We can do the worrying while you go on with your life.  As lawyers, we are here to give you the confidence that your case is being handled in a manner that protects your interests.  When our clients call with concerns we let them know that we have a game plan, and will work to help them get back on track.