The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we live. Many businesses closed. events were canceled, and meetings were moved to digital platforms. In many ways, the things we are used to doing have now been altered in one form or another. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was no exception to this. With the call for social distancing and keeping large groups from gathering, AA has had to come up with a new game plan too. For so many people, AA is a crucial lifeline during their lifelong journey through recovery. So that you do not get disconnected from the valuable purpose of this group, learn what to do about AA during Covid.

How-to Know What to do About AA During Covid: Distanced but Digitally Connected

Online Shift

Many AA groups have shifted to online meetings due to the pandemic. This can be especially difficult for some members. Staying busy and socializing is important for those in sobriety. Online meetings are not the perfect substitute to in-person interactions. Depending on the area they are located in, some AA groups are choosing to meet in small groups. They may choose to stream the meeting over the internet too.

The changes to AA during Covid includes switching from in-person meetings to using digital platforms. Some of these include Zoom, Google Hangouts, Conference Calls, GoToMeeting and What’s App. This switch has allowed the group to continue carrying its message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. However, this is not without it’s flaws. Some people may not have access to computers, while others may struggle using them. Also, technology can be glitchy every now and then. It’s great when it works, but when it doesn’t, it causes a lot of issues.

Set Up For Success

Unlike many businesses, AA did not have to completely start from scratch from their in-person activities got canceled. They have always seen the importance in being able to reach people outside of just face-to-face interactions. Books and other A.A. materials were already available in other formats. People could already find these in digital, audio, and video formats all over the world. Even before the pandemic, members who were not able to attend meetings for various reasons could still participate. They could access literature, have phone calls with other members, write or email, and even attend meetings online. This made the transition easier for AA during Covid.

In order to find an online AA meeting, check the online directory. You can search through these groups with different filters to make sure you find the group that is best for you. This will help you to be able to start, or continue your journey to recovery, even during the pandemic. For some, support groups can be a crucial part of the process.