There are many different ways to detect a possible alcohol abuse problem. In fact, these alcohol abuse signs tends to be a warning that your drinking might be going too far. Knowing these signs is very important for getting one’s drinking under control, as well as for receiving outside help…

Alcohol Abuse Signs: The Impact

Memory problems

Sudden problems in memory are very obvious alcohol abuse signs. Anyone who has had too much to drink and woken up with a hangover knows it can be tricky to remember the details of the night before. This is because of the effect alcohol has on our short-term memory. However, constant drinking can cause some serious damage.

Over time, the more you drink, the more this damage can become permanent. Even when you’re not drinking, you might have some trouble remembering things, like tasks or errands. You could even experience short blackouts as well. When this happens, it’s a sign that alcohol might be the culprit.

Changes in personality

Another of the alcohol abuse signs is sudden personality and mood changes. Much like with the memory loss, alcohol also has a pretty noticeable effect on a person’s mood. While we think of how alcohol can be a relaxant, it can also lead to irritability and sudden mood shifts.

A person with an alcohol abuse problem tends to be much more “on-edge” than they normally are. They also might have much more sudden and drastic mood changes throughout the day. Eventually, this can lead to constant irritability. This change in personality is another way to notice a possible alcohol problem.

Drinking takes priority

Alcohol abuse means constantly drinking, even at “non-regular” times. As a result, another sign of an abuse problem is when someone values drinking over other things. At first, it might start out small. A person might just begin making up excuses for them to drink. However, this can quickly get out of hand.

Eventually, a person might begin to ignore their responsibilities in order to drink. They might stop going to work or seeing family, and instead chose to drink. To them, drinking has become the number one focus. When this happens, it’s a pretty clear-cut way to see the alcohol abuse signs that are taking place.