When drinking, you might find that you feel and act a bit different from how you normally would. This is due to alcohol’s impact on our bodies. Alcohol affects how we function both physically and mentally, and it’s important to understand how and why this occurs…

Alcohol’s Impact: The Effect On The Body


Alcohol’s impact on the body can usually be seen physically at first. This is because of how it works as a depressant. Like the name implies, it “depresses” the brain and nervous system. As you drink, you’ll find you begin to slow down a bit physically, such as in breathing. Your movements may also get slower and more uncoordinated.

Your critical thinking skills may also begin to suffer, especially if you’ve drank a lot. It becomes much harder to focus and think clearly when intoxicated. Over time, drinking too much can lead to a person “blacking out.” It’s possible that they may be suffering from alcohol poisoning, which can be especially dangerous.


Of course, alcohol’s impact can also be seen in a person’s behavior. Drinking tends to lower a person’s inhibitions. Additionally, it also can increase their anxiety and cause drastic mood swings. This makes them more likely to say or act in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise.

For example, does the usually very quiet friend get very loud when they drink? Or, maybe someone gets angry very easily when drinking? That’s because alcohol makes it easier for them to act without thinking through the consequences. Not only does this change how they behave, but it could influence them to make poor decisions such as drunk driving.

Finding a balance

Due to alcohol’s impact on your body and mind, it’s key to find a good balance. You should be aware of what kind of effect drinking has on you. If you know you might behave in a way you don’t like, then you should be sure to keep an eye on just how much you drink.

On the other hand, some people feel that they’re a “better” version of themselves when they drink. This could encourage them to drink a lot and develop a dependency. Instead of relying on alcohol, it’s better to try and make changes in your life while sober that focus on self-improvement.