There are many alternatives to AA if the Alcoholics Anonymous program isn’t a great fit for you. Don’t get discouraged and give up on your recovery. Instead, try some of these other group meetings which might be a better match for you. Everybody’s approach to sobriety is different. And everybody needs to get clean the way that works best for them. SMART Recovery is a more scientific approach to sobriety. Lifering Secular Recovery is a great match if you are looking for a non-religious approach to group meetings. Women in Sobriety is a group for women who would feel more comfortable in an all-female setting, instead of a mixed group. Finally, Refuge Recovery is a group that uses Buddhist ideas in their meetings to help their members get clean. Hopefully, you can find the group that suits you best!

Alternatives to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous): Other Programs


SMART Recovery is one of the alternatives to AA that might be a better fit for people that are wanting a more scientific approach. For example, members learn what triggers them to want to drink. Then they learn tips for how to overcome these triggers and avoid drinking. It draws on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meetings that are still in a group setting. Members use discussions and worksheets to help one another with their journey to sobriety.

Lifering Secular Recovery

Lifering Secular Recovery is another of the alternatives to AA. It’s a program for those who are looking for a non-religious group meeting. While AA is non-denominational, it still uses some prayers in meetings. Alternatively, Lifering is completely non-religious. It focuses on peer-to-peer advice and the belief that everybody has the power within them to stop drinking.

Women for Sobriety

Another of the alternatives to AA that might work for you is Women for Sobriety. This is, obviously, a group geared just towards women. The main focus of the group is teaching that women can empower one another to get clean. The group meetings include a lot of positive affirmations and positivity. It’s a group for women to build one another up and help each other on their journeys.

Refuge Recovery

Finally, one last of the alternatives to AA that you might try is Refuge Recovery. This is a group that uses some Buddhist philosophies in its approach to sobriety. Members of this group focus on mindfulness and learning. They also encourage empathy and a strong connection between members. You do not need to have any experience with Buddhism to join this group, it is open to all.

If Alcoholics Anonymous meetings don’t really work well with your personality, maybe it’s time to try some different groups. There are more groups than just this list as well. Try looking into some local groups that might fit better for you. SMART, Lifering, Women for Sobriety, and Refuse are all great alternatives to AA that you can try out. They each focus on different aspects of sobriety and wellness. It’s important to keep trying meetings until you find one that fits your personality. Don’t give up your goal of getting clean just because AA doesn’t really suit you. There are so many other groups you can try out. Hopefully, you’ll find the one that works well for you. Once you do that, you can really get moving on your journey.