If you’re wanting to avoid drinking on a date, you’ll probably need to plan a bit in advance. It’s very common for early dates to revolve around drinking – dinner dates, brewery dates, a wine tasting, etc. If you’re trying to stay sober, then you’ll need to have a plan for your date so you can avoid drinking. If you plan it yourself you get to be in control of the activities. In addition, if you opt for a daytime date you’ll be less pressured to drink. You may want to have your response prepared ahead of time in case your date asks why you aren’t drinking. And finally, if you’re comfortable, it’s best to just be honest about your goal to stay sober. Hopefully, your date will be very supportive and will help you on your way to quitting drinking.

How to Avoid Drinking on a Date: Prepare in Advance

Plan the Date Yourself

The easiest way to avoid drinking on a date is to find an activity that doesn’t necessarily invite alcohol consumption. If you offer to plan the date then you can find something that is fun but doesn’t challenge your sobriety. For example, you could try a cooking class or an outdoor activity like hiking. You could opt to go to a museum or explore a local farmers market. There are tons of activities you can do that do not revolve around drinking. As long as you’re in control of the planning you can choose a safe date for you to enjoy.

Opt for a Daytime Get-Together

Another way to avoid drinking on a date is to opt for a daytime date instead of a nighttime date. It’s more appropriate to drink at night, so you may feel less pressured to drink if you go out during the day. You could do brunch and opt for a mocktail or virgin mixed drink. You could also just go out for coffee. Even on a lunch date, there shouldn’t really be pressured to drink alcohol.

Prepare Your Explanation

You should already have your explanation ready if you’re wanting to avoid drinking on a date. Your date might wonder why you aren’t drinking so it’s best to think about how you’ll react if he or she asks you. You can say something simple that doesn’t invite a lot of further questions. For example, “I have a headache and drinking always makes it worse.” Or, “I need to be up very early tomorrow so I’d better not drink tonight.” These are quick and easy explanations. However, you may need to be firm about not wanting to drink because you’re likely to get offered a drink several times. 

Be Honest

Finally, one final way to avoid drinking on a date is to be completely honest with your date about your sobriety goals. If you’re comfortable with doing this, your date will hopefully be understanding and supportive. If they aren’t supportive of your goals, then you should move on to somebody else. Any future partner should have your best interests in mind and should support you with your goals. Being honest with your date will hopefully bring you closer together and will make it so you don’t have to keep making excuses for not drinking in the future.

Trying to avoid drinking on a date can be a little overwhelming since so many dates revolve around alcohol. However, if you plan the date yourself or opt for a daytime get-together, you’ll be less pressured to drink. In addition, you may want to have your explanation ready to go as to why you’re avoiding alcohol. And of course, if you’re comfortable with it, be honest with your partner about why you aren’t drinking. A good future partner will support you in your goal to stay sober.