Whether you’re a frequent boater or only take to the lake when invited by friends— there’s something appealing about a hot day spent with good company, crisp blue water, and a few cold beers. If the time comes, these boating days can be pretty hard to turn down. However, when you’re packing up that cooler, we encourage you to take a moment and review some boat drinking safety measures. After all, the key ingredient for a fun day on the water is for it to go off without a hitch… or a stitch.

Boat Drinking: Safety in the Sun


Boating alone has some upsides. Open water, good music, and time to reflect on the days behind and in front of you. However, boating and drinking is not a cocktail best served in solitude. Drinking can affect your motor skills, for starters. You might find yourself falling overboard, getting sick, or losing your sense of direction. As always, boat drinking in moderation could be problem-free. But, maybe it’s worth inviting a friend or two to enjoy the water with you. If not for anything else, just to make sure everyone gets home safe. Safety is the most important protocol for any boater.

Limitations… and packing accordingly

It’s not quite as easy to stop for reinforcements on a boat drinking day. In most cases, what you’ve got is what you’re stuck with. Maybe limiting yourself means only bring a certain number of drinks on board. Remember that the legal limit for the road is the same as the legal limit on the water. That .08% limitation is universal when it comes to motor vehicles of any kind. So, if you know that you’ll be out on the lake for three hours, pack three beers. It can be hard to limit yourself, especially in such a relaxing setting. But, by packing smart, you avoid running into that issue. Furthermore, you’re at less of a risk for BUI.

Going on your boat at the end of the week is one of the most relaxing things you can do…

There are few things more relaxing than laying on a boat, listening to the sounds of the water. However, it isn’t entirely that simple… at least not to start. You have to plan ahead, pack smart, and be strategic when it comes to boat drinking. If you do all of these little things, you might just come back refreshed, sun kissed, and with a few fish in tow…