After drinking, you should try to calculate BAC level before driving. And although this will only be a guess, it is about as good as what the police use. While a breath test machine measures in 0.01 increments, it too is really just a best guess. So how do you calculate BAC level?

calculate bac levelHow to Calculate BAC Level

Because there are many different ways to estimate your BAC level, we review the most popular ones here. While everyone has there own system, the first and best method is how do you feel? After all, you know your body better than anyone or any machine. For example, as your BAC approaches 0.08, you may feel less shy and more outgoing than usual. As a result of drinking, you now have “liquid courage” with Jack Daniels “good looks” (lawyers love their JD). Rather than slow down, you usually go with it. And things only get worse as you keep drinking. Nothing wrong with having a good time. However, just don’t get behind the wheel and drive home later. That’s how really bad things happen.

So What About the One Drink per Hour Rule

While this method starts out just fine, let’s face it. It’s hard to drink only one of anything in a whole hour. Besides, what’s the fun in that? Unfortunately, it is easy to “lose count” and then your otherwise failsafe system fails. And then you’re back to guessing again or relying on how you feel. As we discussed above, the alcohol will make you feel stronger than you really are.

BAC Calculators or Personal Breath Testers

Because DUI is so serious, some folks try to be more scientific to calculate BAC level. However, BAC calculators and charts don’t account for the strength of your drinks. In addition, they don’t consider such personal factors such as metabolism, sex, height, weight, medications, and food consumption. And while personal breath testers are the most reliable, they still are not perfect. Furthermore, even if completely accurate, it is only for that moment in time when tested. Over time, your BAC level will change depending on when you last drank alcohol.

So What is Most Accurate Way to Calculate BAC Level

While other “tests” make guesses, the most accurate way to measure of blood alcohol is, of course, blood. Rather than estimate BAC, a clinically tested blood sample is truly accurate at the time when drawn. However, only for that moment. Otherwise, your BAC level will vary depending on many unique factors. So how can you really be sure you are safe and legal to drive? Although the law allows you a margin of error, don’t take chances. If you’ve had anything to drink at all, don’t drive. Instead, get home safely and live to drink another day.