Before we can tell our clients about their options, we first have to do an in-depth DUI case review. Because you want answers as soon as possible, we finish our review quickly after we get all of the evidence.

dui case reviewSo What is a DUI Case Review

While we listen to our client’s side of the story, we are more interested in the State’s evidence. After all, we have to prove nothing. Rather, the State has to prove everything. Furthermore, if the State cannot prove its case against you, we never get to your side. So how do we do our job and what do we look for in cases?

Because there is no mandatory video recording law in North Carolina, much of our evidence review involves reports. In addition to police reports, we also interview the arresting officer. While reports are always a good start, the officer interview often gives better insights. Of course, we then review any video recordings available. After all, video evidence is usually the best way of evaluating guilt or innocence. In conclusion, we leave nothing to chance and look at every part of your case.

And Then We Meet to Review Options

While looking at the evidence, we first make sure the police followed the law and proper procedure. For example, we make sure they had reasonable suspicion to stop and then probable cause to arrest. Because this part of the process is so important, we look carefully to make sure they did everything right. Hence, if there is legal error, we may file a Motion to Dismiss your case. However, even if the arrest is fine, we also look at how you appear on video. Rather than focus on roadside tests, we look at how you sound and walk normally. After all, everyone knows what “drunk” looks like and sounds like. And if you look and sound like you’re sober, that is reasonable doubt for the jury to consider. So don’t give up. Because we’re just starting. Call us now. We’re standing by and ready to help.