Because most of our clients have never been in trouble before, their DUI mugshots are embarrassing and humiliating. As a result, they want to know what options are available. However, unfortunately everything put on the web stays there forever. So what can you really do?

DUI Mugshots and What Not to Do

dui mugshotsWhile your first instinct is to “check” by searching the internet, don’t. Rather, resist the urge. Because search results keep your DUI mugshots relevant, searching actually only makes things worse. Instead, take comfort that very few people care about these things. In addition, folks who frequent these type sites usually come across as a little strange or just plain gossipy. Consequently, the best advice is to ignore it and focus on what is really important. After all, a DUI charge is not a conviction.

Because of transparency concerns, jails routinely post mugshots when you are in custody. Furthermore, this allows those who care about you to find where you are. Rather than trying to call a jail, your family can find you online now. And once released from jail, your mugshot photo comes down. However, these private “companies” capture your image and then essentially try to extort money to “remove” it from the web. But that unfortunately is simply not possible. So save your money and don’t fall for the scam.

So What’s Really Important Here

Rather than worry about what others think, focus on your case and finding an experienced DUI lawyer. After all, your real friends won’t judge you for possibly making a mistake. And as for anyone who may look down on you, to heck with them. Because in the end it doesn’t really matter, don’t waste your time for a moment worrying about it. Instead, learn from this experience, pledge to never takes chances again, and go forward in life wiser. As for now, let us do the worrying while we defend your case.