There are consequences for everything. From the time you are born, there will be penalties for wrong behavior. If the action is repetitive, the consequences will get worse. The same is true for DUI penalties. The consequences of a DUI try to deter you from receiving another DUI. What you should expect after a first-time DUI (especially with an otherwise clean record), is a lot of work to make sure it does not happen again.

DUI Penalties: First Time Conviction

Court Fees

At the first mention of a DUI, someone brings up the amount of money it is going to cost. Not only are there fees for legal representation, but also fees for court costs. The court will charge you fees for the time in court, the officials in court, and other costs the court incurs during your time there. Your court fees could be one of the highest financial DUI penalties you face.

Alcohol Education

Sometimes, instead of serving time, first-time offenders will be given the chance to take an alcohol class. This is one of the DUI penalties for first-time offenders that will be given a deadline, but will probably keep you out of a jail cell. The class’ intention is to avoid abusing alcohol, inform students of the effects of alcohol misuse, and overall improve the safety of the students and others.

License Suspension

A license suspension can be one of the DUI penalties that first, second, third time offenders receive. The specifics of your case will determine how long your suspension lasts. Additionally, South Carolina offers different types of licenses for those who have a DUI conviction.

  • Provisional License: If you did not refuse the breathalyzer and you blew under a 0.15%, you might qualify for a provisional license. This allows you to drive without restrictions, even though you still have a suspension.
  • Route Restricted License: After your conviction, this license will allow you to drive to work, school, and those alcohol education classes we talked about. You must qualify for this license, and you only get one in your lifetime.
  • Temporary Alcohol License: This license will allow you to drive while your case is up in the air.