Police Pay and DUI Arrests | DWI Attorney Charlotte

So what does police pay have to do with DUI arrests? While everyone just assumes police will do their job, they have families and bills to pay too.

police payPolice Pay and DWI

Because police have very stressful and dangerous jobs, they should expect good pay and benefits. After all, not everyone can do their job. While most take law and order for granted, it is the hard work of our police that keeps us safe. So why is the City of Charlotte so cheap in its police pay for our officers. After all, it’s not like our taxes are low. Just last week, the City of Atlanta announced a 30% pay increase for its police force. Rather than give the 15% pay raise requested here, our Charlotte police officers received only about 6%.  As a result, we expect more officers to leave and go elsewhere for better pay. After all, that is just what people do to provide for their families. And who can blame them for wanting more for all that they do?

So What Does this Mean for DWI Arrests?

Although fewer DUI arrests may seem like good news at first, Charlotte DWI lawyers know it just means less enforcement. Even though the press loves to print lower DUI numbers as a good thing, the bars are still full. And although Uber and Lyft were to be the end of DUIs, Charlotte DWI attorneys are still in business. So are people becoming more aware and responsible, or are there just fewer officers making arrests? Sadly, fewer arrests makes the streets of Charlotte more dangerous, not less. Consequently, we want proper police pay so that we are all safer. Even though we proudly defend the rights of DUI clients, no one wants truly drunk drivers behind the wheel. Neither do we. However, when charged with a DWI, we fight hard because every case sets the standard for us all.