We all have different preferences when it comes to how we consume our alcohol. Some people prefer a sugary cosmopolitan, a tangy margarita, or just a neat whiskey. No matter your specific preference, there inevitably comes a time in the night when the alcohol makes you sleepy and you’re ready to go home. For many people, when the alcohol makes you sleepy— you’ll head on home. However, for others, it’s a good opportunity to add energy drinks into the mix.

As we’ve mentioned, we all consume our alcohol differently. Some people use energy drinks mixed with alcohol as a pick-me-up, and other just prefer it across the board. Whatever your preference, there is a dangerous nature to introducing your Red Bull, Bang, or Monster to your vodka. 

Energy Drinks and Alcohol: Rethink your Mixer 

Caffeine makes you more alert

This can be an inherent positive for most people, and adds appeal to those energy drinks. However, when you combine alcohol with caffeine— you might find that the caffeine can mute some of the the effects alcohol has on you. Furthermore, it makes you more alert, which might make you think you can drink more than you planned. All of these factors combined lead to further intoxication, a sense of alertness, and a potential for blackouts or alcohol poisoning. While you may know your limits, the lines can blur when you feel more capable all of the sudden.

Caffeine side effects 

Energy drinks are made with a purpose. A standard 8 oz. cup of coffee has roughly 80-200 mg of caffeine in it— an energy drink has pretty much the same range of caffeine content as a cup of coffee. Therefore, if you have three energy drinks mixed— you’ll have roughly had about three cups of coffee worth of caffeine. While caffeine affects everyone differently— three cups of coffee is enough to make most people jittery. 

When you put the jittery effect aside, you have to also consider the effects on your heart and mind. Caffeine can make you anxious, speed up your heart rate, and your breathing. In short, mixing energy drinks with alcohol has the potential to cause a number of issues between tonight and tomorrow. 

Drinking and driving

As we’ve mentioned a time or two before, energy drinks have the ability to mask the effects of alcohol. Therefore, you might find yourself feeling more capable of certain things— such as driving home. However, how you feel doesn’t compute with your BAC. In short, energy drinks and alcohol are not a match made in heaven…