While some believe DUI arrests will always be around, others claim generational DUI arrests are fading. So who is right?

So is Generational DUI Real?

While we all hope for the day when DUI arrests are a thing of the past, we’re not quite there. However, we are getting closer based on fewer DWI arrests. Because everyone knows about DWI, services like Uber and Lyft are starting to get popular with young folks. As a result, arrests are going down for that population group. However, don’t get too excited as DUI arrests continue strong for older folks and people in more rural areas. So although the trend is good, we still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, we are making good progress. In fact, some have even predicted the end of generational DUI. Rather, a child born today will not know of DUI arrests once they become adults.

generational duiSo What About Now?

Although we are Charlotte DWI attorneys, we would truly love to see DUI arrests go away. Because our families travel the same roads as you do, we want safe, responsible drivers on the road too. However, we know how easy DUI charges occur and how harsh NC DWI laws are, even for a first offense. Consequently, we fight hard for our clients who find themselves caught up in the current DUI trap. After all, despite the billboards, it is absolutely legal to drink responsibly and then drive. However, you cannot blow a BAC of 0.08 or higher or drive while “appreciably” impaired. In fact, if you have any scent of alcohol on your breath, a police officer will investigate you for DUI. Once they start the investigation, it is very difficult to pass their tests. As a result, they usually arrest you, and you spend the night in jail.

So as long as there are DUI arrests, we will be here ready to fight for you and your family. After all, it is the State of North Carolina versus you. While you may feel like it’s over when arrested, we’re just starting. In addition, you have our word that we will do everything we can to make a difference in your case.