Fourth of July is just around the corner and you might be considering a last-minute party. Luckily with the help of a few hot dogs, hamburgers, and a grill— you can pull it together in no time. However, you might be reaching a little further than that. So, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a few tips for upping the ante at your last minute 4th of July party. After all, you want to give people something to remember. So, let’s get right to it… 

Last Minute Party? Tips for Your 4th of July Celebration 

A signature cocktail/beverage 

Depending on the guest list, you might be aiming for a more family-friendly vibe. Or, you might be planning an event that goes late into the evening and calls for a crash pad in your living room. Whichever route you’re planning for your last minute party, stay on theme with a signature drink. Red, white, and blue Jell-o shots are always a good option. If you want to go a little simpler than that, rocket pop mimosas are always a patriotic hit. The key here is, find a way to say ‘cheers’ in style. 

Encourage a potluck-style meal 

The newest trend in party throwing is for everyone to bring one or two items that everyone can snack on. By taking this route with your last-minute party, you can grab hot dogs, hamburgers and chips while leaving everything else to your guests. It’s simple, delicious, and you always end up with a pretty great spread.

Set up a few party games 

If you live in the South, you’re likely no stranger to a game of cornhole. People break out the boards at tailgates, backyard parties, and you can even find them at the occasional bar. There are plenty of games you can throw up in the backyard. When it comes to a last minute party, flip cup and beer pong are easy ones to toss together with a few cups and a ping pong ball. In short, there are options. Once again, ask your friends to pitch in! It’s very likely that a few of them will have activities to bring along. 

When it comes to a last minute party, there are plenty of ways to do it right! From grilling, to games, and fun with friends… It takes very little have a good time with the people you hold near and dear. As always, we encourage you to drink smart, safe, and order up an Uber or DD when the time comes.