Picking a sponsor for alcohol recovery can be very helpful for many people. Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, strongly encourages it. But even if you aren’t using that particular program, having a sponsor can be very beneficial. It gives you somebody to confide in when you’re struggling. And also somebody to cheer you on when you’re achieving goals. Make it clear at meetings that you are looking for a sponsor. Make sure that you find somebody with a schedule that works with yours. Also, make sure that you trust them and that you respect them. And finally, make sure that they are experienced and preferably at least one year clean. Having a sponsor by your side can be a great help in achieving your goals of living a sober life.

Picking a Sponsor for Alcohol Recovery: Finding a Good Match

Be On the Lookout

When picking a sponsor for alcohol recovery, it’s best to be upfront at meetings. There is usually a time in group meetings where members can share news or important information. This is a good time to speak up and let the group know that you’re searching for a sponsor. You may get immediate responses, or it could take a few meetings. Just give it time.

Make Sure Schedule Works

Something that a lot of people overlook when picking a sponsor is to make sure that your schedules work together. If your sponsor is always working while you are at home and trying to resist temptation, it might not be as helpful. If you know that say, evenings, are particularly difficult for you, then you need to make sure your sponsor is available then. This is especially helpful if you are wanting to have in-person meetings periodically.

Make Sure You Trust Them

Another important factor in picking a sponsor is that you need to make sure that it’s somebody that you trust. You can’t really get the help you need if you aren’t fully open about all of your struggles. So you’ll want to choose a person that you feel you can be vulnerable with and open up to. It also needs to be somebody that you will listen to. Therefore, it’s important to find a sponsor whom you respect and who can help you the way you need to be helped. Whether that’s a firm hand or a sympathetic ear.


One final thing to consider when picking a sponsor is their experience. It’s really best to choose somebody who has plenty of experience with living a sober life and also experience being a sponsor. It’s preferable to find somebody who has at least one year of sobriety under their belt.

Picking a sponsor for alcohol recovery is an important step for many people. It doesn’t happen immediately though. And don’t feel pressured to pick the first person that offers. It’s important to make sure that it is a good fit for both of you before you start down this very intimate and personal path together. Be open at meetings about looking for a partner. Make sure that it’s somebody whose schedule matches yours somewhat so that they’re available to help when you need it. Also, make sure that it’s somebody that you trust and whom you will listen to. And finally, make sure to pick somebody with at least a year of sobriety under their belt, and preferably somebody who has already been a sponsor. Being a sponsor is a big responsibility, so you need to make sure that it’s somebody you trust wholeheartedly to guide you through recovery.