When it comes to drinking, it’s all fun and games until the next morning. Then, the hangover can pack a serious punch. Some people experience severe headaches and nausea that can last all day. For others, a hangover may include their overall body feeling bad and lacking energy. Whatever the symptoms, most of us can agree that hangovers are no fun and we’d love to never have one again. So, it is possible to avoid a head splitting hangover. While there’s no magic cure, you can take some steps in preventing hangovers.

Preventing Hangovers: How Can You Avoid It?

Limit Your Intake

Of course, the most obvious step for preventing hangovers is to limit your alcohol intake. You’re probably thinking, “well duh, but I want to drink.” However, if you really want to avoid a hangover, the best way to do it is to limit your drinks. For instance, you may want to carry a certain amount of cash, so you know you can only buy a few drinks.

Perhaps, you want to set a goal for only having three drinks. Use a tally mark system and mark your hand for each drink you purchase. Just find a system that works for you to know how to limit yourself. By doing so, you can be far more successful in preventing hangovers.

Try Drinks that Are Low In Congeners

During the process of making alcohol, toxic chemical by-products called congenersalso form. These congeners can increase the likelihood that you’ll suffer a hangover. In addition, they can actually make the hangover symptoms more intense and last longer. So, in hopes of preventing hangovers, you may want to stick with alcohol that’s low in congeners.

For example, vodka, gin, and rum are all very low in congeners. In fact, vodka contains almost none at all. So, sticking with alcohol that has a low number of congeners can be a good way for preventing hangovers.

Drink Plenty of Water.. and Then Some More

Dehydration can make hangover symptoms far worse. Since alcohol dehydrates, you’ll more than likely become dehydrated, making the next morning much worse. Therefore, it’s important to fight this by drinking plenty of water. Try mixing in a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage you drink. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, it can reduce the number of alcoholic drinks you have.

In addition to drinking water the night of drinking, try to drink plenty the next morning. Your body is still processing the alcohol in your system and water will help.