Public transportation is arguably one of the best uses for public funds. It helps citizens get from one point to another at a fair rate. With buses and train lines, there is a reduction in the necessity for driving. Luckily, public transportation can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds.

In order to feel the benefits of public transportation, however, you must actually utilize the services. Utilizing public transportation can help with your social life, as well. You can have the extra drink and avoid driving if you just take public transport!

Utilizing Public Transportation: Good for Work and Play

Using It for Work

If you have received a DUI or a similar charge in the past, utilizing public transportation to get to work is a great idea. Although not every DUI charge results in the loss of your license, taking the bus can also save you money. When you don’t have to pay for gas or for car maintenance, you’ll begin to save.

An additional benefit of taking mass transit is the impact it has on the environment. Less cars on the road means less emissions, which helps our local environment as well as on a larger scale.

Using It for Play

Utilizing public transportation for nights (and sometimes, days!) out really is a safe bet. Ride sharing apps and other services can add up. Taking the bus ensures you have a safe ride to and from your destination for the night. Some cities even have trains or trams that allow you to get to and from! Next time you go out, consider taking your local transit. This allows you to hang out and enjoy your night freely, without the worry of drinking and getting behind the wheel to get home.

Lastly, in areas where bars are within walking distance to many different forms, there is a decrease in DUI arrests. It is plain and simple, utilizing public transportation will help keep you and others safe after a night out drinking. If you are consuming alcohol, it is always best to do so responsibly. It may be true that you are not driving, but that does not keep you in the clear completely. You are still responsible for yourself and your actions.