It’s easy to recognize alcohol poisoning if you know what signs and symptoms to look out for. It’s important to know these symptoms so that you can recognize when a friend or even a stranger is in trouble. There are behavioral symptoms like erratic behavior or aggression. The physical symptoms could be anything from poor balance to vomiting. Cognitive symptoms include slurring words or being generally disoriented. And finally, your entire body can show symptoms and can shut down. All of these symptoms can signal that somebody has alcohol poisoning. If you see any of these, get them to help immediately!

How to Recognize Alcohol Poisoning: Signs and Symptoms

Behavioral Symptoms

It’s easy to recognize alcohol poisoning by behavioral symptoms. For example, a person who has been drinking too heavily might be acting erratically. While sometimes people think this is funny, it can also present in dangerous ways. Some drinkers can become aggressive. Others might not be making clear decisions. If a friend is acting very out of character, it might be a red flag that they have been drinking too much.

Physical Symptoms

You might also be able to recognize alcohol poisoning by physical symptoms. Somebody who has been drinking heavily might be having trouble walking in a straight line. In fact, this is one of the field tests that cops use to see if you’ve been drinking. In addition, their eyes may seem glassy or out of focus. Reflexes slow down when there is too much alcohol in a person’s body. And finally, they might be very uncoordinated. All of these things can point to alcohol poisoning. If somebody begins vomiting it is a clear sign that they’ve over-indulged.

Cognitive Symptoms

Cognitive issues are another way to recognize alcohol poisoning. Many times, drunk people aren’t able to think straight or talk coherently. They may be speaking but slurring their words or not making any sense at all. One other sign of alcohol poisoning is that the person may not be able to remember things that happened earlier in the evening.

Whole Body Symptoms

There are many symptoms you can look for to recognize alcohol poisoning. Some of the most extreme signs involve your entire body. For example, if somebody becomes unconscious after drinking, it’s a sure sign that they’ve had too much. They can experience internal problems too like kidney problems or their organs shutting down. If you are with somebody who is unresponsive after drinking, get them to help immediately.

Alcohol can cause many problems for the human body. However, there are signs you can look out for to recognize alcohol poisoning. For example, a person’s behavior might change drastically if they’ve had too much to drink. In addition, they might have physical symptoms like vomiting or be uncoordinated. They may be confused as well, or have trouble speaking. Finally, there are some signs that are very extreme that impact your whole body, like unconsciousness. Hopefully, if somebody you know is drinking, you’ll be able to look for these signs to recognize when they’ve gone too far. If you see any of these signs or symptoms, get them to help immediately.