Hard cider has certainly gaining popularity lately. This sweet alternative to beer can be a refreshing change for many people. At the stores, you will realize that cider can be made from many types of fruit. On top of that, there are also sweeter and drier options to choose from, adding to the many different types you can pick from. Familiarize yourself with the differences among ciders to know how to select a hard cider to drink.

How-to Select a Hard Cider to Drink: Choosing a Beverage


Traditionally, apples are the main ingredient in hard cider. However, more recently, there has been an increase in ciders made from different types of fruit. For example, some common flavors that you may find include peach, pear, cherry, blueberry and raspberry. Some brands even create unusual flavor combinations like Elderflower and Lime or Passionfruit and Apple. You will have many choices based on your favorite fruit flavors and desired sweetness level. Use this knowledge to help select a hard cider to drink.


Unlike beer and some liquors, cider is naturally gluten-free. This is a huge benefit for anyone who has a gluten allergy or intolerance. Also, it will be appealing to anyone who is just trying to cut gluten out of their diet. Since it is made from fruit, hard cider is naturally gluten-free. Anyone needing or wanting to avoid gluten will tell you that gluten-free beers can be difficult to find. However, when trying to select a hard cider to drink, you should have unlimited options.


In the summer, you may be more likely to select a hard cider made from a summer fruit. Lighter, sweeter ciders like peach or strawberry are popular in the warm months. However, in the fall, the apple cider definitely shines. Hard apple cider can be served as a festive beverage at fall gatherings. These flavors are likely going to the crisp taste you associate with fall. Even among the apple cider category, there is a wide range of apple types and sweetness levels that you can select from.

There are so many different varieties of ciders on the market that it can be difficult to select a hard cider to drink. However, by taking your personal preferences into consideration, plus thinking about the weather, you will now be able to decide which one to try.