All-inclusive resorts are perfect for anyone who wants to indulge. They are usually all-you-can-eat, all you can drink, and everything else you want to do. While this may be heaven for some people, it could be difficult for anyone struggling with alcohol or trying to stay sober. This may be a challenging situation, however, there are ways for you to handle sobriety at an all-inclusive resort.

How-to Handle Sobriety at an All-Inclusive Resort: Traveling Challenges

Be Prepared

When you are traveling to an all-inclusive resort but trying to stay sober, you will need to plan ahead and be prepared. One tip would be to have a supportive person on standby who you can contact if you are struggling. Another option would be to download guided meditation sessions on your phone and make sure to have your headphones with you. Think of other coping strategies you may have and try and apply those to your current situation. If you are able to, have a sober buddy with you to lean on if things get tough. Being prepared for the different situations or stressors you may have help you better handle sobriety at an all-inclusive resort.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Have drink alternatives that you enjoy available so that you do not get caught in an uncomfortable situation. Do you enjoy freshly squeezed juice or a tasty mocktail? Have a non-alcoholic drink on hand so you do not feel uncomfortable without a drink in your hand. At a wedding or celebration at the resort, there are things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable too. Order a mocktail or tasty drink from the bar so you won’t have to deal with questions or drink offers from other people. Let the waiter or bartender know ahead of time that you want your special drink instead of champagne for the toast. Taking little steps like this will help make you feel more comfortable while maintaining your sobriety at an all-inclusive resort.

Enjoy Yourself

Choosing sobriety at an all-inclusive resort does not mean that you can not enjoy yourself. There are plenty of other things you can enjoy. If just sitting by the pool bar or on the beach with a server readily available is too tempting for you, keep busy other ways with fun activities. Perhaps you could treat yourself to a pampering spa day. Another option is to do an excursion or take advantage of activities they have at the resort. For instance, some resorts have water-equipment like snorkeling gear or jet skis that you can use.

While it can be challenging to maintain sobriety at an all-inclusive resort, it is certainly achievable. You just have to do a little prep work to make yourself comfortable, and indulge in other activities. However, if you feel like this may be too much of a struggle, look for other vacation alternatives. There are plenty of other options that do not include free-flowing alcohol. It is not worth risking your sobriety for a vacation.