If you want to be a great sponsor in AA, it’s important to make sure that you can give the program full commitment. Alcoholics Anonymous encourages members to find sponsors because it can be very helpful. Being a sponsor is a big responsibility and needs to be a careful decision. It’s important to make sure that you have the needed time in your schedule to devote to another member. It’s also important that you know the program very well. Check in frequently with the people you sponsor and always be a good listener. Finally, it’s important to also be an objective listener and avoid putting your own beliefs onto the people you sponsor. They’ll need to find their way to live a sober life with you there as a guide to help them.

How to Be a Great Sponsor in AA: Give it Your All to Help Another

Make Time in Your Schedule

Being a great sponsor in AA is a large time commitment. If you have very little time in your schedule as it is, maybe now is not the best time to take on a sponsee. You’ll need to continue to attend meetings as well as set up private meetings or phone calls with the person you sponsor. You also need to make sure that your schedule matches up reasonably well with theirs so that you aren’t always playing phone tag or unavailable when they need support.

Know the Program

Another important step to becoming a great sponsor in AA is to know the program backward and forwards. Alcoholics Anonymous has worked for generations and there’s a reason why. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of all of the steps of the program to be able to be helpful to a person just learning the ropes. They’ll depend on your expertise, so you should have at least a year of sobriety if not more under your belt.

Check In Frequently

You also need to check in frequently to be a great sponsor in AA. You must be consistently there and present for the people that you sponsor. It’s helpful to know if there are times of the day where they struggle the most. For example, cocktail hour or after dinner. This is a great time to schedule a phone call with them for a distraction.

Be Objective

Finally, it’s important to be objective if you want to be a great sponsor in AA. Try not to impart your religious views, criticisms of the program, or other personal beliefs onto the person you sponsor. They need to learn how to work the program into their lives, and you are there to assist them. But you’re not there to tell them to do the program exactly the way that you do. Each person must figure out what works best for them and their lifestyle.

Being a great sponsor in AA means that you’ll be able to help another person who is going through the same struggles that you’ve been through. It can be incredibly helpful for many to have a more experienced member at their side guiding them. It’s important to take your role seriously, though, and make sure you have the time available to commit. It’s also important to know the program very well. Make sure that you check in often, especially if the person you are sponsoring is struggling. And finally, try not to impart your personal beliefs on them, but rather stay objective. Being a sponsor is a great way to help another person start living their best, sober life.