If you’re out drinking with a friend and they are indulging a little too much, they may still try to drive home. Having to stop a friend from driving drunk can be awkward, but ultimately, you’re doing the right thing. It could be the difference between them getting home safely and getting into a car crash, or facing a DWI ticket. You’ll need to be firm and clear with them since they are intoxicated. Get help from others around you if you are in a group. If they still insist, take their keys away from them. And finally, make sure they get home safely. They may get angry at the moment, but once they sober up they’ll realize that you cared about them enough to prevent them from getting hurt.

How to Stop a Friend from Driving Drunk: Be Firm

Be Firm

To stop a friend from driving drunk you’ll need to be very firm and clear. Remember that they’re not their usual self – they’re drunk. They may argue with you or even get belligerent, but stand your ground. Speak clearly and slowly since they won’t be in a clear headspace with the alcohol. Don’t take anything they say personally if they begin to insult you or say you’re killing the fun. You are in the right and they aren’t being themselves. Tell them that you care about them and want to keep them safe.

Get Support from Others

If you are out with a crowd, you can get support from others to help you stop a friend from driving drunk. Try not to let it feel like you’re all ganging up on the inebriated person. Instead, just have a casual group conversation but make sure everybody is firm. If your friend gets combative, you’ll also have more people who can help you physically prevent them from driving. However, try not to use force unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re also drunk and don’t have others around, you can ask a bartender for help.

Take Their Keys

The surest way to stop a friend from driving drunk is to take their keys. You can pretend that you need to get something out of the car or ask to drive it for an errand. Hopefully, they’ll forget that you have the keys later and will use alternate transportation. If they won’t give their keys over willingly, you may have to force them or try to take them when they’re distracted. This is where having other people to help you is key.

Get them Home

Finally, stop a friend from driving drunk by getting them another way home. Offer to drive them yourself or hire an Uber or cab for them. If they are concerned about not having their car in the morning you can drive them home in their car and then take an Uber yourself. A party in somebody’s home or your own gives you an excuse to try convincing them just to stay over. If they still have their keys, make sure you see them get into an alternate ride home just to be sure.

While it may not be easy or comfortable, if you stop a friend from driving drunk you could be saving their life. Or saving them the stress of a DWI. They may try to fight you and say that you’re acting like a parent, but stay firm with them. Speak clearly and slowly since they’re intoxicated. Get help from other people around you to convince your friend not to drive. They can also help you take your friend’s keys if need be. Make sure that you help them arrange alternate transportation and see them off. You are being a caring friend by protecting those around you. You’re also protecting all the innocent other drivers on the road by keeping a drunk driver away from them. Hopefully, when your friend sobers up they’ll be appreciative and realize what a caring friend you are.