We have all been there. You know, when your friend starts to stumble, sway and slur their words a bit? You are out with some friends and one, or several, have too much to drink. Depending on what and how much they have drank, them being at the point where you are getting in a laugh at some of the silly things they did or said quickly escalate into a more serious state. You will really need to keep an eye on your friends when they have been drinking. Know how to react if you ever have to handle your drunk friends.

How-to Handle Your Drunk Friends: Being a Good Friend

Stay With Them

It can certainly be a test of your patience to be the only sober person around. Everyone knows that it can be a lot to handle your drunk friends. If you notice your friends starting to get drunk, you should stop drinking yourself. Someone is going to have to the the responsible party who looks out for their friends. Do not leave your friends alone. When someone drinks alcohol, it can negatively impact their ability to make decisions. You would not want them to make a decision they would regret.

You can also encourage them to slow down or stop drinking as much. Do your best to get them to drink something that is not alcoholic. Water can help get them rehydrated, since alcohol is a diuretic. Drinking water will help with their hangover too. Try and get some food in them as well.

Get Them Home Safely

Make sure your friends get home safely. This could mean getting them a taxi or ride-share home. It could also mean having them take public transit depending on where you live. However, it may be best for you to ride along with them to make sure they get home safely. The most important thing is to not let them get behind the wheel of a car.

If you have not had anything to drink, you could also personally drive them home yourself. This way, you can easily make sure they get home and be able to help them get situated. It can be a little extra work to handle your drunk friends, but it is worth it to make sure they are okay.

Get Help

It could be really dangerous if your friend has had too much to drink. They could end up passing out, getting sick, or even get alcohol poisoning. If they do pass out, make sure to roll them over onto their side to decrease the risk of them choking on their vomit.

If you have to handle your drunk friends, pay attention for symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly, so if you suspect it, call 911 immediately. Do not worry if they will get upset at you for calling for help, as getting them treatment could save their life.