There are many types of therapy in drug rehab facilities to help you recover from addiction. You might experience individual sessions with a counselor or group sessions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one form of individual session you could have. In addition, you might have group sessions like 12 Step Programs. An important part of rehab is getting your family involved by having family therapy sessions. And finally, you might be encouraged to try creative therapies like art, music, or dance therapy. Hopefully, you’ll find that one or more of these types of therapies is very helpful with your recovery.

Types of Therapy in Drug Rehab: What to Expect in Rehab

Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is one type of therapy in drug rehab. CBT tries to really dive into your responses to certain triggers. Once you figure out what your triggers are, your therapist can begin to really help you. For example, they can offer you some alternative responses that are healthier. CBT is one of the most effective types of therapy for addiction recovery.

Group Sessions

Another type of therapy in drug rehab is sessions with a group of people. There are many ways to do group therapy. One example is meetings similar to 12 Step Programs. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Group sessions can be really helpful because you’ll be able to learn from others’ experiences. They’ll be able to relate to you and share in your struggles. They might also be able to offer helpful advice and celebrate wins with you.

Family Sessions

One important part of therapy in drug rehab involves including your family in your recovery. Oftentimes people who arrive at rehab facilities have had problems with their families. Drug abuse can lead to all sorts of broken family dynamics. Part of family therapy is meant to heal these wounds. It can also help you talk to your family about your struggles, and give them ways to help you. Family therapy is very important because it helps your family know how to support your recovery once you leave rehab.

Creative Therapy

Finally, you might try different versions of creative therapy in drug rehab. You could try your hand at art therapy, music therapy, or dance therapy. All of these involve channeling your frustrations and struggles with addiction towards a creative outlet. In addition, you might end up finding a passion that you never realized you had. Exercise therapy can be helpful for releasing frustration. For example, yoga or jogging. There are even equine therapies that involve learning to ride and care for horses.

There are tons of different types of therapy in drug rehab centers. The goal is to try out many different ones and find something that fits you. You might try individual therapy like CBT. Group sessions can also be helpful, for example, 12 Step Programs. In addition, you’ll probably want to learn how to get your family involved with your recovery. Family sessions can be very helpful for this. And finally, you might find that creative therapy is very helpful. This might include dance, art, or music therapy. All of these types of therapies are effective. You just need to find the type of therapy that fits best with your recovery.