Because summer is coming, friends will get together for dinners and pool parties. In addition, people love to drink at these get togethers. Consequently, we need to talk about the risks of a neighborhood party DUI arrest.

So What is a Neighborhood Party DUI?

While some love down time on the weekends, others want to get together with friends and let loose. As a result, people often get together with others who live close by in their neighborhood. After all, you already know these people, and it is convenient. In addition, many folks feel they are “safe” because they are never on city roads or highways. However, even if you stay in your own neighborhood, you are still at risk for a neighborhood DUI arrest. And also be aware that arrest is possible even while riding a bicycle or driving a golf cart.

neighborhood party duiSo How Does It Happen?

While most folks promise and intend to stay in control, there is always lots of alcohol at these parties. In addition, the best liquor is someone else’s liquor. Also, free beer and wine just seem to taste better. As a result, it is easy to get out of hand and find yourself really drunk. Then, when your spouse mentions it, you get mad and go get in your car. And that’s how many of our neighborhood party DUI cases happen.

So How to Avoid?

Because police can make arrests almost anywhere, the easiest way to avoid a neighborhood party DUI is to walk home. Rather than get in your car or golf cart, just walk home. In addition to avoiding arrest, it will also help with your intoxication. Of course, be careful not to fall or walk in front of a car. However, stay off the road in a vehicle and wake up in your own bed. Otherwise, you could end up waking up in jail. So don’t take any chances and get back home safely.